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The TABLOID Marbella

12 Jan

HACKNEYED and shallow? Just a pleasant little jolly for Piers? Or this there any truth to it? You be the judge…


1 Jan

Kupka, Horses – and Playthings

picasso caballo alado

Picasso's Caballo Alado

AN EXHIBITION of Czech artist Frantisek Kupka’s work from the Centre Pompidou Collection is on show at the Museo Picasso in Málaga capital until 25 April. […]


2 Dec

Wine tasting with… CORONA DE ARAGÓN

aragon la sal

IT WAS PERFECT TIMING, just a few weeks before the festive season began with a vengeance, and an appropriate opportunity to savour some less heralded releases (at least among the foreign wine drinking community) from Spain’s top bodegas. And to start stocking up the Christmas-New Year wine rack at home with something other than the traditional Rioja, Ribera del Duero, etc. […]


20 Jul

And who are you?


FOR MOST OF US it has become a daily intrusion: those infuriatingly persistent calls from mobile and other phone operators trying to hawk their services, blithely ignoring our protestations that we have better things to do with our time – and, by the way, don’t call again you cretin! […]

HIDDEN culinary GEM

20 Jul

A gastronomic journey through time

Restaurante Pueblo Lopez

pueblo lopez dee 1pueblo lopez dee 2

Marbella, MARBELLA

1 Jun

Special song for a revitalised resort town

William Shatner cuts the ribbon to inaugurate the 2009 Marbella Film Festival

William Shatner cuts the ribbon to inaugurate the 2009 Marbella Film Festival

MARBELLA’S WOES in recent years have been well-documented, but the Spanish capital of glamour is back with a vengeance. One of the most recent, and empowering, initiatives aimed at restoring Marbella’s prestige was the A Night for Marbella event at the Da Bruno Sul Mare restaurant, which coincided with the official presentation of a song specially written for the occasion, Marbella, Marbella.



1 Nov

FUENGIROLA’S FIRST non-Spanish councillor, Suvi Kauranen, talks about her path into politics and her goals for the future.

(Photos: Bosco Martin)

fuengirola bosco 3

When did you move to Fuengirola and why?

In 1992, and I moved as a logical consequence of having spent a year’s sabbatical in this area a few years before. I fell in love with the Coast. […]