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WORLDLY charms

16 Jan

kaiane aldorino 1

FORGET TARIFA… male admirers are already reportedly flocking to Spanish travel agencies to book their 2010 summer beach holidays in La Linea – the glamorous gateway to Gibraltar.



1 Jan

PEACHES GELDOF for Miss Ultimo

OKAY, SO IT was for Debenham’s Christmas collection and it’s now the new year but what the heck – admiring the “fun and flirty” face and body of Miss Ultimo lingerie sure beats anything her dad might offer us.



31 Dec

kate winslet

THERE ARE SURVEYS and there are damn surveys, but sometimes they get it right.

Gloriously curvaceous Kate Winslet topped a UK national poll carried out by Slimming World and YouGov to find the “perfect celebrity body”.

Kate Moss, Jordan and Victoria Beckham deservedly floundered at the bottom of the list.

Kate Winslet – 16%; Kelly Brook – 15%; Halle Berry – 12%; Cheryl Cole – 10%; Beyonce – 6%; Megan Fox – 5%; Lily Allen – 4%; Keeley Hazell – 2%; Sienna Miller – 2%; Kate Moss – 1%;Jordan – 1%; Victoria Beckham – 1%


Exposing LUXURY

1 Dec

maybach 1

IN THE LATEST example of Maybach’s “commitment to contemporary art” the automobile brand has collaborated with international photographer David LaChapelle on portrayals of their luxury cars titled “Exposure of Luxury” and “Berlin Stories”.



23 Oct

Stunning victory in first pro event – and second!

azahara 2

(Photo: Fernando Herranz)

GENERALLY CONSIDERED to be the best women’s golfer in the history of Spanish golf, 22-year-old Málaga golfer Azahara Muñoz was preparing to compete in the Ladies European Tour qualifying school late in 2009 after turning pro in September.



20 Jul

"A bit nippy outside, isn't it!"

"They say this has been the coldest and wettest winter in Fuengirola for 50 years!"

Hinterland HAVENS

20 Jul

Discovering the idyllic charms of Spain

tarifa 1



THERE ARE few more pleasant places to live than on the Costa del Sol, but sometimes you just want to get away from it all for a long weekend. Our trip away on this occasion takes us to Puerto de Santa María, just past Cádiz capital city, with various stopovers along the Tarifa coast.



1 Jan

Good health through natural and living foods


NUTRITION/WELLNESS consultant, raw food chef and instructor, Indian head and Thai foot massage expert, one-time dancer and jewellery designer… Jeni Cook has led an intriguing life and is the perfect person to offer some invaluable advice about how to lead a more healthy lifestyle.

(Published in H! Society Magazine, January 2008)



1 Nov

FUENGIROLA’S FIRST non-Spanish councillor, Suvi Kauranen, talks about her path into politics and her goals for the future.

(Photos: Bosco Martin)

fuengirola bosco 3

When did you move to Fuengirola and why?

In 1992, and I moved as a logical consequence of having spent a year’s sabbatical in this area a few years before. I fell in love with the Coast. […]


1 Oct

Fragrant stopover from Spain to Australia

IT’S ALWAYS so unkind. There you are, having just negotiated the increasingly stringent security measures − clumsily removing your shoes and belt as you simultaneously try to find that elusive plastic bag at the bottom of the rucksack (discovering that the bottle of Listerine is more than 100ml anyway and consequently destined for the rubbish bin), emptying your pockets, waiting for the laptop to crank up, and being submitted to a meticulous (a bit too meticulous, that one in London) touch search after a fraught journey from Málaga via Madrid − and you finally enter the 747 en route to Australia.