Marbella, MARBELLA

1 Jun

Special song for a revitalised resort town

William Shatner cuts the ribbon to inaugurate the 2009 Marbella Film Festival

William Shatner cuts the ribbon to inaugurate the 2009 Marbella Film Festival

MARBELLA’S WOES in recent years have been well-documented, but the Spanish capital of glamour is back with a vengeance. One of the most recent, and empowering, initiatives aimed at restoring Marbella’s prestige was the A Night for Marbella event at the Da Bruno Sul Mare restaurant, which coincided with the official presentation of a song specially written for the occasion, Marbella, Marbella.



12 Feb


A TRANSCRIPT of the Federal Parliament’s full apology (in 2008 – finally!) to the “Stolen Generations”…


1 Jan

Good health through natural and living foods


NUTRITION/WELLNESS consultant, raw food chef and instructor, Indian head and Thai foot massage expert, one-time dancer and jewellery designer… Jeni Cook has led an intriguing life and is the perfect person to offer some invaluable advice about how to lead a more healthy lifestyle.

(Published in H! Society Magazine, January 2008)



1 Nov

FUENGIROLA’S FIRST non-Spanish councillor, Suvi Kauranen, talks about her path into politics and her goals for the future.

(Photos: Bosco Martin)

fuengirola bosco 3

When did you move to Fuengirola and why?

In 1992, and I moved as a logical consequence of having spent a year’s sabbatical in this area a few years before. I fell in love with the Coast. […]


1 Oct

Fragrant stopover from Spain to Australia

IT’S ALWAYS so unkind. There you are, having just negotiated the increasingly stringent security measures − clumsily removing your shoes and belt as you simultaneously try to find that elusive plastic bag at the bottom of the rucksack (discovering that the bottle of Listerine is more than 100ml anyway and consequently destined for the rubbish bin), emptying your pockets, waiting for the laptop to crank up, and being submitted to a meticulous (a bit too meticulous, that one in London) touch search after a fraught journey from Málaga via Madrid − and you finally enter the 747 en route to Australia.


1 Jul

Nature, art, robust cuisine – and fine wine


THE TONE of the rather daunting schedule which lay before us was set as soon as our group of journalists set foot outside El Prat airport in Barcelona. “Okay, first we need a pit stop for beer,” it was explained to the bus driver. “And in the meantime we’ll think about lunch.”

somontano 7

The crucial matter of beer was resolved at the first petrol station (one of the wonderful aspects of living in Spain, though Brussels’ PC guardians will no doubt soon also put an end to that), and half an hour later our bus pulled into the car park of the Hostal del Carme in Vilagrassa (Lleida) for a lunch fit for, well…hungry journalists. […]

NEW ERA at Valderrama

1 Jul

Generational change as founder hands over to son

(Reprinted courtesy of Andalucía Golf – July 2005;

AT 75, and after an eventful and exciting era, Jaime Ortiz Patiño has decided it’s time to hand over presidential responsibility for Valderrama Golf Club to his son Felipe – a 41-year-old lawyer with extensive experience in the world of business and golf. […]


1 Sep


finland 1

IT WAS A mid-summer afternoon on the serene shore of one of Finland’s 190,000 lakes. Ari Vatanen sat relaxing on a log as a fellow Flying Finn raced through the forest. A group of Latvian tourists were waiting for their turn as “navigator”.



1 Jan

The inside story behind Valderrama’s Ryder Cup bid

(Published in The Reporter 1995)


VALDERRAMA FOUNDER Jaime Ortiz-Patiño has given a fascinating insight into some of the background to the club’s ultimately successful bid to host the 1997 Ryder Cup.



1 Oct

European Tour grand finale prelude to Ryder Cup

(Published in The Reporter October 1994)


IT WAS THE EVE of the inaugural Volvo Masters and Jaime Ortiz-Patiño was reflecting on the preceding three years. Early in 1985, not long after he and seven fellow golfers, all friends, had formed a Panamanian company, Valderrama Investments, to buy the former Las Aves (or “Sotogrande New”) golf course, he revealed that the club would host a major competition “with pleasure” if asked by the Spanish Golf Federation. […]