1 Mar

The good, the bad – and the plain silly of Eurovision


Lordi: Finland's first, and to date only, Eurovision winners

FROM THE country that gave us Lordi – winners in 2006 – this year’s Eurovision contest will feature some rocky East Finnish folk from the Moon Whisperers (Kuunkuiskaajat).

OzinSpain is embarrassed to admit to being an avid watcher of the annual song fest, if only out of a morbid fascination to see how bad some of the acts can be. But we predicted Lordi would win and believe the Moon Whisperers might also have hit on the right formula with Työlki Ellää (roughly translated as, You Can Even Live From Work): that is, two attractive blondes, a catchy song with some Russian influences which will go down well with the former eastern European bloc that dominates the voting, witty lyrics…

Spain, on the other hand, seems destined once again to spectacular humiliation with the appallingly unmemorable Algo Pequeñito (Something Small) by Daniel Diges. In this case very small: nul points.

Norway’s Alexander Rybak won the 54th Eurovision last year in Moscow with Fairytale, which means the circus travels to Oslo, at the new Telenor Arena on 25, 27 and 29 May.

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