Turbulent Eeriness

9 Nov

The people have decided… this hauntingly evocative photo, “Graveyard”, taken by Julie Fletcher at Menindee Lakes in new South Wales, has won the People’s Choice Award in the ANZANG Nature Photography Competition at the South Australia Museum.

The winner was decided by hundreds of visitors using touch screens at the museum, where the exhibition remains on show until 25 November before heading to Western Australia and Tasmania.

Describing the setting, the photographer said, “A quiet stillness hangs over this eerie graveyard of trees, with the occasional rumble in the distance and lightning strikes constantly filling the sky. The murky lime-green water laps the shoreline, creating patterns and adding a surreal impression with the red dirt… I travelled 500 kilometres to chase that storm front, hoping to capture some special images, and it was worth every kilometre for that one shot.”

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