Facebook FOLLY

10 Nov

In the latest, almost inexplicable, example of how social networking can warp otherwise prudent people’s judgment, a Mallorca politician has been forced to withdraw her candidature for a Senate seat in the 20 November elections.

Francisca Pol, a “reserve” on the Partido Popular’s Mallorcan list for the Senate, resigned after posting a photo-montage of Defence Minister Carme Chacón on her Facebook page, “showing her exposed breasts” during a meeting with high-ranking military officers, accompanied by the caption: “What a PSOE (Socialist) minister has to do to win votes.”

Women’s groups were among those condemning her actions as “degrading” and “rancidly sexist”, made particularly more reprehensible as it had come from another woman.

Pol, a lawyer, admitted what she had done was a mistake and a serious blunder. “It was completely stupid to post that photo on my Facebook wall.”



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