Oz in Spain


Spaniards dream of water frolics

(Photo: Sexologia.net)

SOME FANTASISE about a ménage à trois… others a sexual encounter with a stranger. For Spaniards, however it seems the favoured dream during summer holidays is to have sex in the water.

This was one of the results of a “National Sexual Tendencies” survey by Sexologia.net, which also found that 75 per cent of the 2,000 respondents experienced increased libido during the warmer months – over half of them attributing this to the preponderance of sun-tanned bodies.

For 40 per cent, their sexual appetite is enhanced “every hour of the day”; 28 per cent, “in the evening”; 12 per cent, “on waking up” (presumably mostly men!); nine per cent, “in the afternoon”; five per cent, “during siesta”; four per cent, “madrugada” (early hours of the morning); and two per cent, “midday”.

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